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Burren Biodiversity: Leave no Trace Educational Tour

Programs for Junior Infants up to 2nd Class

Programs for 3rd class up to 6th class

Learn the Leave no Trace principles along the nature walk

Learn about how the Burren is formed

Learn about the different Burren flowers

Meet and feed the farm pets

Visit the fairy woodland

Play in the adventure playground

Bring snack to eat in Tipi


Burren Geography: People and Place Educational Tour:

Program for 3rd to 6th class

Connect to nature and the past

Learn about the different rocks in the Burren

Learn how our neolithic and famine day ancestors survived off the land

How they used plants and herbs as traditional medicine

Animal Handling

Herb walk

Bring snack to eat in tipi

Skills Activities option – examples:

Candle Making: make a bees wax candle to take home

Pioneering: lash timber together with rope make simple structure

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Prices: (minimum of 10 pupils)

Leave no Trace / People and Place Tours:

€15 per pupil groups of 10 to 20

€12 per pupil groups of 20 plus

Optional Extras:

Hot lunch €4 per pupil